Advice On Choosing The Best Sized Bike For You

Advice On Choosing The Best Sized Bike For You

Your bike fit affects all aspects when it comes to cycling which includes safety, control and comfort. The best sized bike will also play a role when it comes to efficiency as well as the way the power from your legs will be transferred onto your bike. To begin with you need to start with a frame size or bike size that is a good fit when it comes to the size of your body. From here you can adjust the position and height of the handlebars and seat to achieve a fine-tuned fit. Here are a few tips from Electric Bike Reviews 2018 on how to choose a bike that is best sized for you.

• Stand Over The Frame

The first step will be to stand over the bike’s frame. The right sized bike will have one or two inches of clearance from your crotch and the top-tube on the frame.

• Adjust The Seat Height

Set the height of the seat so that it will allow you to extend your legs until they are almost straight when you pedal while you are seated. Your knees should only slightly bend when your feet on are on the pedals at the bottom-position. This maximizes your power as well as decreasing fatigue.

• Adjust The Forward Position And The Bike Seat Level

For the best pedalling efficiency and comfort, the seat needs to be just about level. If the seat is tilted too forward, you might feel like you are sliding forward. If the seat is tilted too backwards, you will fail to gain power and you might feel like you are going to fall backwards.

• Setting The Handlebar Height

The aim of the height adjustment for your handlebar is to find a position that allows you to ride in comfort, while avoiding strain to your wrists, shoulders and back. This particular feature comes down to personal preference so feel free to experiment until you find the best fit for you.

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