Are you at risk for a computer virus disaster?

Are you at risk for a computer virus disaster?


New computer viruses are made every day. They infiltrate people’s computer on a daily basis regardless of your wireless internet providers or antivirus programs. This has been happening for many years now, and yet many people are still not on guard against it. The big question is—are you at risk?

A virus spreads to different computers from other computers. This may be spread to your computer without your knowledge, and it can wipe out all your files, hijack your social networking profiles, infiltrate your email and spread to your friends and family. To make matters worse, the people who receive a virus from you will know that it came from you.

So to save your computer and that of your friends, you need to make sure that your computer is protected from computer viruses. Be careful of spam emails. These emails can sometimes come with a virus and opening these email messages can cause your computer to be infected by them. Do not open any unfamiliar email attachments either. These attachments can also carry viruses. There are many ways to block your email from spam messages, make sure to fix the settings of your email account to have this.

Also, install a spyware protection software. Spyware is a nasty software that installs itself to your computer without you knowing (and sometimes, allowing) it. These can carry with them computer infecting worms that will be harmful to your computer. They also gather personal information from your computer exploit them.

Investing in a good antivirus protection software is a requirement for all computers these days. Do not think that you are safe from antiviruses because you have not encountered any recently. It is not uncommon for viruses to sit silent in your computer for months and sometimes even for years before it starts affecting your computer. Because of this, if you do not have an antivirus software, you might be in serious trouble.

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